Attefall House

Build an Attefallshus on your plot (up to 30 sqm) without planning permission

Are you looking for a simple and convenient way to increase the living space on your property? Then an attefall house could be the perfect solution for you! A detached house is a smaller building that you can use to create extra space on your plot, without having to rebuild your entire existing house. Our sheltered houses come as building kits.

  • Attefall house can be used as a guest house, storage room, studio or additional residential building.
  • Attefallshuset has a maximum living area of 30 square meters and a maximum height of 4 meters from the ground to the ridge of the roof. Source (
  • Rules and regulations for emergency shelters may vary depending on the municipality.

A detached house is a smaller building that can be used for example as a guest house, a storage room, a studio or an additional residential building. The Attefall house can have a total living area of up to 30 square meters and a maximum height of 4 meters from ground to roof ridge. Keep in mind that rules and regulations for shelters can vary depending on the municipality, so it's important to check local regulations.

House without building permit

You who have a one- or two-dwelling house may, in addition to a storage shed of no more than 15 square meters, also build a storage house without a building permit. Before you start building, you must make a report to the building board and receive a start notice.

  • You can build several attefall houses, but all attefall houses that you have built on the plot must be a maximum of 30 square meters together.
  • If you build attefall houses closer to the border than 4.5 meters, the consent of the neighbors concerned is required in order for you to build the attefall house without a building permit.
  • A permit is required according to the Environmental Code within a coastal protection area, i.e. normally 100 meters from the sea, lake and waterways. There are special rules near public roads and railway areas.

Create your dream home with our attefallshus - build without planning permission. Get your start notice by report to the building board.

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